As I was waiting my turn in a checkout line, I couldn’t help but notice the conversation in front of me.
It started out so lovely.
The cashier collecting and adding up purchases,
the woman smiling and waiting to pay.
Small talk.
Sunday morning cordial
&  … bam !! the shampoo and conditioner came along and busted things up.

Seems there was a sale on a certain brand of hair stuff
& who knew a simple discount could cause such a commotion.
Now, I didn’t catch all the reasons for the huffy puffy but, what I saw were two individuals trying to solve the same math problem.
The cashier, calm and patient.
The woman, upset and ears closed
& we all know I’m not all that good with Arithmetic but, I’m pretty sure LISTENING has something to do with solution solving.

Long story short, Ms. HUMPH stormed out in a big, combustible, anger.
Carrying on.
Cashier was left stunned with a WHAT just happened ??!? look on her face, tears welling in her eyes.
This soft spoken employee began to explain herself and the incident to me and the other customers in line.
No need, we all replied.
We witnessed.
We saw who had an attitude.
Fortunately, by the time it was my turn to walk out of the store, all was well and Cashier was smiling.


& today ?
Today, I’m still pondering Ms HUMPH.
I’m hoping she settled down and had herself a delightful Sunday.
Next time though, she might want to avoid the grumpy route, the MY way or the highway, the I’ll YELL LOUDER TO GET MY POINT ACROSS.
Had she simply listened, she would have saved an extra dollar on top of the dollar she was already saving.

As we all go about this beautiful road we call Life, I hope the majority of us think before we do.

Think Patient.
Think Kind.
Think Respectful.
Think Compassion.
Think Smile.

Think Love.

I guarantee.
It all adds up to Pleasant
& Pleasant ALWAYS =



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