Dear Hack

Dear Hack


There I was minding my own yesterday, when all of a sudden !! a multitude of messages infiltrated my already uprooted life. Seems YOU, dear person with the Samsung phone in Miami, Florida hacked into my Facebook account, causing a domino effect of commotion to my friends, MY biz.

& at first I was quite upset, thinking you really have nothing better to do with your Sunday morning than to bother ME ????!??  REALLY ?? C’mon !!

But surprisingly, the more I stewed, the calmer I became and lucky for me, I just happened to be with smart minds who knew exactly what and how to counter your attack so your damage was minimal and as I sit here on this brand new today, I’m actually somewhat comforted by your intrusion. You see, I am a big believer in EVERYTHING happens for a reason and I honestly feel the universe picked  little ol’ YOU to hoist dazed and confused ME out of a place I really didn’t want to be anymore anyway.

You see, I’ve wanted out for a very, VERY long time but I just couldn’t bring myself to exit because of this blog. I convinced myself that I needed to stay, to share, to live within those social media walls for here, for now, FOR EVER

& yep. I am very much aware that I do not have to completely shut myself up and out of Facebook, that I can come back in at any moment I choose, that you and your ugly skills do not have to steer me away for good but, eh, I’m kinda sorta not minding this newfound fresh air at alllllllllll.


So from this moment forward, Hack, I will be here at

on Instagram @jackigram

and on Twitter @myfloatingwords

& YaY


I will be enjoying the quietness of simply writing as I KNOW those who read, who enjoy, who follow these words of mine will continue to do, to love and support no matter where I be.

So, BIG THANKS, dear hacker of my Facebook account for YOU  have set me free

& to my good friend, Universe ??

Your nudge and timing, once again, are absolutely PERFECT.

Oh Yes I Can