My Notional Idea

My Notional Idea

I can hear it’s call through the darkness, a soft, eerie purring cry. It’s the sound of a critter somewhere in those backyard trees

& I hope he’s ok

but reality is here too and reality tells me to !! get over it !! quick !! because I should already know by now, he’s not

& sometimes, I really truly with all my heart dislike reality.


Google reminds me reality is “the world or the state of things as they actually exist, as oppose to an idealistic or notional idea of them”

to which I say, boo

Because, honestly ? Reality oftentimes STINKS big time and I don’t want to be reminded over and over and a zillion times over again that THIS is just the way it is !!

I absolutely refuse to live there

& call this sticking my head in the sand but I’m going to repeat and repeat and keep on repeating my words of hope because hope never doubts, Hope never EVER leaves and Hope is out there doing her utmost best to rise above the reality of reality.  She is that teeny, tiny smidge in an ocean of dark but she is there

& I will remain there too.

I’ll be kind to you, you’ll be kind to me and together we can, we WILL, we must change the course of this world.

So, take that, Reality.

Because the sun is rising on a brand new today and I do not hear the critter’s sob anymore

& I’m thinking he’s happily scurrying and frolicking and dancing through those woods

& I KNOW, somewhere he is.

He so is.

With You For You And You