Simply Wild

Simply Wild

Tangled in wire, randomly plopped between a railroad track and a busy highway, there she is and there she blossoms

and I wonder how many people notice her quiet beauty.

But here I stand, every day for a few days now, mesmerized

as I wait for that train

as I think about things,

as I ponder life.


I wonder how she got there ? I wonder how she thrives ?

& I am amazed at how she’s found a way to flourish in this not so perfect environment.

So hey, Little Wildflower ?? I wish, I hope, I need to be like you.

Bursting with sunshiny !! yellow !! despite those conditions and no matter your surroundings, refusing to be caught up in the harshness, you wonderfully, determinedly and quite simply stand your ground and GROW

& I see you.

oooooh, I see you.

Simple Things