Stepping Out

Stepping Out

Truth be told, it feels somewhat foreign and kinda sorta overwhelming but here I am venturing into Day 3 of this new road I am on

& seeing that I’m born, raised and remain happily planted in a town populated with give or take, more or less, approximately  23,705 people ?


This just might take a weeeeee bit of an adjustment period.

Lucky for me, I am surrounded by people who know me incredibly well. ♥ They know I’m very much a creature of habit, they know I adore my patterns and routine, they know the only times I go into the city are for special events and Chicago Bears. They know, I have never, ever done anything like this by myself before.

But he’s there, sitting in an unusual for him land too

& it is he I will be going to see.

& honestly, what I am finding most difficult at this very moment is the lack of eye contact. Looking down or over or anywhere else seems to be what one does in huge crowds and it’s sad because I’ve become so very comfortable saying Hi or Good Morning !! or simply smiling at that person crossing my path

& yesterday as I step, step, stepped my first solo jaunt back to the train station, I did just that, I followed suit, I focused on me and the mile markers. Turn left, Turn right, there’s that store, that sign, that huge concrete thingie and YaY I did it

but when I returned to the place I call home, I thought,  !! but I don’t wanna be one of them !!

So today, I’ve decided to follow my own advice


I will pick a someone here, I will choose a someone there. It may or may not change their day but I KNOW it will change mine.

Husband and I have been placed into this strange new journey for a reason and I’ve been kicking and screaming and trying to find someway or somehow to get out and not do

But, he will

& I will

& Hellooooooo, Chicago !!

one by one by one by one of you, I am ready.




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