Writing Hope

Writing Hope


I use this hashtag All. The. Time. It’s my favorite go-to on Twitter and Instagram or anytime I happen to need a #

& I’m not even sure where it came from but, there it is, every lovely day


It jumped out at me somewhere down the line and boom, I’ve used it ever since

& as I type whatever miscellaneous hashes my brain wants me to use each a.m. Instagram always informs me of how many other peeps have or are using the same

30.5 k for this one

200 k for that

50000 k

& so on and so forth

but with #writinghope, all I see is 113 posts

and the next morning, 114 posts

and the next, 115 posts

& when I tap in other Hopes ??

I’m thinking, what’s up with that Hope ??  why are you not up there in the mega-thousands like all those mindless, mish-mash other guys ?? You’re HOPE. Need I remind you of how very important you and your infinite positiveness are on this gig called Life ?

? ♥ ?

You are EVERYTHING, Hope.

Every. Thing.

You’re my lifeline.
My constant.
My friend.
You are as valued as the air I breathe.

Why ?
Because I know you will never, ever desert me, Hope
You are my truest of trues.
My continuum.
You may be the teeniest, tiniest smidgen of light in a ocean of dark but you are there, Hope.
You are always, always there.

You’re precious.
You’re priceless.
You’re my confident protector, my awesome force field.

& yes, #writinghope

I am and I will.

Oh yes, I will.


Oh Yes I Can