Walk That Wall

Walk That Wall


An Officer and a Gentleman

& if you haven’t seen this super inspiring, albeit somewhat cheesy movie, do. You won’t be disappointed

& I’m not really sure why, but one of my favorite scenes from this gem keeps playing and replaying in my brain these days and I tried and tried and tried once more to copy and paste the clip for you, but technology isn’t cooperating and all I got was this

& dang. My eyes filled up with a boatload of emotions as this blast from the past hit me like a ton o’ bricks. So do me a favor, Google it because you’ll see that he’s just given up breaking an obstacle course record to get her over that wall. He stops dead in his tracks to encourage, demand, help

& the words he uses are powerful

uh huh

!! waaaaaaaaa !!

& now, I am so overflowing with Oh Yes I Can determination, I’m pretty sure I could even conquer that bugger.


So today, I just need to share this sentiment and remind those who need to hear that whatever it is you are going through, Hope is there too.  Grab it, treasure it, trust it and use every ounce of it’s energy to get yourself over your wall

& in the infamous words of Richard Gere as Zack Mayo


Don’t you let go !


& never, ever, EVER stop trying.