Pulling away from their house was rather surreal. Driving down the road, taking a left and knowing we’d likely not be traveling this route anytime soon, seemed strange. Back and forth we had again and again trekked, with priceless moments gently tucked in our hearts and keepsakes forever cherished.

They’d sometimes wonder and often ask, WHY do you always drive ???  when you can hop on a plane and Ta-Da !! 2 1/2 hours, ! bam !

& I’ll admit, airplanes do have their perks

But there’s something about a road trip and it’s treasure trove of happiness. It is these simple, easy, wonderfuls that I shall miss most ♥

Like the side roads and those BIG, awesome trees !!

Never before had I experienced such an unusual canopy, draping across, hanging around, protecting and shielding from the infinite bright & the old-timers. How I adore those old-timers !!

& the tourist attractions we’d enthusiastically and confidently say we will ABSOLUTELY stop to see ! Our endless  Next time we should … list … Magnolia Plantation, pecans, pecans, pecans !! the gator wind-chime place with it’s 14′ alligator, that cleanest restrooms on I-65 farm house declaration which will always have me wondering,  REALLY  ???


The billboards were endlessly interesting and sorry, Z & Z Liquor, Cafe Risque and all you adult stores out there. We never really had plans to drop in but, you were good for a couple of smiles as we’d glance at your timeless form of advertising.

Radio stations automatically turning to rock classics (preferably 70’s),  Atlanta, Georgia and it’s infamous traffic,

Chattanooga, Tennessee endlessly whispering my name and reminding me of a lifetime past, the t-rex hanging around the front of Dinosaur Land and the bridge that proudly leads me back into my home state

Runaway truck lanes, HOV diamonds, relentless thunderstorms, perfectly clear skies

& everything in between

Yes, I shall miss.

But, with every ending comes a new beginning and I sooooo look forward to a new home to visit, new friends to meet and that waiting to be discovered ♥ next ♥

Many thanks for the memories 7280

I can’t guarantee I’ll ever be back but I promise, I will most definitely try.

Simple Things