Rain Boots

Rain Boots

She gifted me rain boots for my birthday and I was honestly thrilled because !! YaY !! they’re CUTE. Then, she bought rain boots for them as a  !! Welcome Home !! offering because she’s so good at handing out little happiness-es

& it seems as if it has been raining every day for many, many days now.

Stormy rain.

It’s never ever going to stop, rain.

What’s the deal with the rain ?!? rain.

Floods and trees down and rivers cresting and everything that goes with too much water, rain

It’s been coming down in buckets and it keeps on coming, rain

& after a tornado warning alert rain POURED even more moisture on us Monday afternoon, the evening ushered in a no worries, I’m still here appearance by that sweet energy known as the sun and as we stood by the window gazing at my pond of a backyard he whispered, “Can we go outside and see the puddles?”

& yippee !! that 5 year old, 2 1/2 year old and I did just that. On went the rain boots and in came pure joy and a whole lotta giggles and if you haven’t had the delightful opportunity to stomped through ankle high, accumulated H2O in awhile, I highly recommend you do.


Hey there, Sister ?? Thank YOU for sharing the true, treasured, awesomeness of a simple pair of rain boots

& uh, wait. WHAT !??! You say there’s even MORE rain forecasted in our forecast ??

well, that’s just great.

! ! GREAT ! !

we’ll see you outside

! ! ! ! ! 🙂  ! ! ! ! !

Above The Rain