Jo Jo

Jo Jo

Repeated, with big hugs and much love ♥

– – – – – – – – – –

Unusual happens when someone I love dies.
Call it a gift.
Call it weird.
But, it’s been a part of me for as long as I can remember so, at this point, I figure it is here to stay.

I ‘see’ them.
I ‘feel’ them.
I know when they’re near
& they gently assure me, all is ok.

I saw Gramma at her funeral.
There she was, clear as day.
So clear, I stood up and began to say “Time to go home …” before I realized she was not physically with us anymore.

I’ve seen Mom a few times.
I feel her quite often.
Dream hugs, visits, sign after sign after wonderful sign.
Oh yes, Mom most definitely let’s me know when she’s here.

I’ve had many a dream conversation with friends, aunts and uncles.
It’s not creepy or scary.
It’s comforting and beautiful and I will remain forever open to it, to them.

But with Jo Jo, it was different.
No visits.
No signs.
No nothing
& every once in awhile I catch myself wondering, why not ?
Where are you my auntie ?
Why don’t you visit me ??

& then, last night and the night before happened.
She came to me in a dream or three.
All prettied up and gorgeously Jo Jo.
If we talked, I don’t remember what was said and our dream encounters were brief.
But, she was there.
Finally there
& now, she is hovering.
I can feel her.
She’s reminding me of her love of owls as I’ve seen many pictures and references
& just yesterday, I came across a long forgotten box of letters.
Letters that my daughters wrote to their Great Aunt back when pen-pal writing was their thing to do.
Auntie saved each one.
She gave them to me as a keepsake, a priceless keepsake.

I miss you Auntie Jo Jo.

I miss our telephone calls when no matter what was happening, you’d always reply ‘No, I’m not busy”
& an hour or so later we’d still be yappin.

I miss sitting at your kitchen table drinking coffee with you.
Listening to your reminiscences, your Young & Restless updates, your political views and your town gossip.

I miss your pots of red soup and spaghetti sauce
& those giant boxes of pizza you’d insist on buying to feed allllll the family who’d cram into your house to feel that love.

I miss your travels to us.
The weddings, the fests, the just because.
You and your sister Lorraine took a sure to be Chicago Bears boy and turned him into a true blue, forever loyal Buffalo Bills fan
& those daughters of mine still laugh about the days of Batman.

Most of all, I miss YOU.
Simple, generous, bold, strong, straightforward you.

It’s taken you a while to dream visit, Auntie and I was getting a little worried there, lady.
But then I remembered you’re Jo Jo.
Everybody knows Jo Jo.
Everybody loves Jo Jo
& silly me wonders what took you so long ??
You had a whole lot of catching up to do because they all missed you too
& that reunion you share ?

It’s heavenly, I’m sure.


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2 Replies to “Jo Jo”

  1. You are not alone…it’s a gift that seems to be apart of my family as well. My first visit was my great grandmother and I was only a child. It’s really awesome, calming and motivating all at the same time, but most of all is the intense feeling of unconditional love and happiness . I look forward to them! Thanks for sharing! It made me smile and be happy for you!

    1. That’s AWESOME, Wendy and you’re absolutely right, UNCONDITIONAL it sooooooo is !! Thank YOU for sharing too ♥ & just so you know, you’ll be in my Every Day Happy Book tonight 🙂 YaY !!