just wow

just wow

See him ? Up on top, to the left ?

He sat upon my weathered tree yesterday morning, which is not all that unusual. He likes that perch and visits quite often but, THIS wonderfully different time !! that majestic friend of mine was facing East.

East !!

& when it slowly, steadily, BAM !! occurred to me he just might be waiting on the sunrise too ??

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Life at that moment became so quiet, so still, soooooo intensely spiritual. The universe and it’s two earthbound creatures, transfixed and completely mesmerized

& I thought, DANG, People. Imagine if we would S T O P for one simple second each day to listen, to acknowledge, to feel the power of this awesome place we call Home. I promise you, the cues and signs and reminders are there, right THERE !! if we only halt that ever present noise and shhhh.


& once we take notice of this incredibly priceless gift ?


just wow.