The way I see it, I have two choices.

Write / Don’t write

& don’t write is winning the battle at this moment, that is why I am writing

& I know what my holdup is, it’s that doggone Full Moon hovering on my horizon. Yep. Four more days and there she’ll be, bright and beautiful and oh, sooooo humbling ‘& I truly do love her, I do. It’s just these couple days before her steadfast arrival that always pick, pick, pick at my brain. As if my optimistic self needs a vacation and the Ms. Analyzer of Reality pops in with her list of cold, hard facts.


& here we sit. Me, staring at my laptop. Her, placing those long ago, swept away doubts right smack into their original slots.

Somewhere in my thoughts though, I’m taken back to a conversation with a friend and a book mentioned. Was it a red book ? Pretty sure it was a red book. hmmm  A how-to about being a better writer if one simply writes every, single day.

I am reminded of how I took that friend and book’s advice to heart, as I’ve been journal-ing, blogging, authoring, poet-ing and write, write, writing my words ever since & let me tell you, it’s been a journey, one heck of a twirly, whirly  journey !! But it’s a road I would never, ever trade, for I am certain this is where I am meant to be.

I pause with my pondering to BIG sigh, HO hummmmm, glance out my window and wait, what?? WOW.

Another today. Another chance. Another wonderful beginning and suddenly, just like that !! right there, the load is lifted, the answer is received, life makes sense and everything feels right again.

Thank You, Sunrise and Memories and Friend. Yes, I will continue.

Oh and Full Moon ??

I’ll see YOU on Monday.