Welcome !!

Welcome !!

I never knew they existed until recently and now ? Well, now, they are my new favorite Happy !!!! They are called Celebration Cakes and I find their reason for being absolutely delightful !!

Given to brand new babies on their very first day of life, accompanied by a joyful Happy Birthday song … & WoW ! Welcome !! Little One !! Welcome.

& just how would I know about such gleefulness, you ask ??

Because Family and I have been blessed two times in two weeks. Born on Mondays, first a girl, then a boy. A Grandniece. A Grandnephew

& if that doesn’t melt some heartstrings, I sure don’t know what will.

Brand, spankin new.
Empty page.
Clean slate.

Wonderful, wide open and beautiful sits in the palm of those teeny, tiny hands
& all they are at this very moment is pure, genuine and amazingly unique

& if I could box up that awesome special and pass it around from now until forever ?? I would, I soooooo would !!

Oh Life.

!! LIFE !!

Let’s take a moment to remember, to realize, to embrace and rejoice !! Let’s treasure THIS for the perfect, priceless gift it is & let us celebrate.

Happy 1st Day !!  Happy Every Day !!


Hey, who wants cake ??!!??


I Am My Feeling