Sing A Song

Sing A Song

My older brother was born with Polish music in his veins.
I swear he knows every Polka song ever written, word for word
& although he and I have enjoyed a few twirls around the dance floor, I can’t say it is my cup of tea.
But, Brother #1 loves a good Polka
& I love him.
That’s really all that matters.

My younger sister.
Oh, she’s Led Zeppelin.
Always has been, always will be.
Robert Plant is definitely THE man.
He touches something deep down in her soul
& although I’ve listened to her Zep many times and she’s tried to explain her joy, I’ve never felt it like she feels it.
But, that’s fine.
This is who she is and what she loves
& I love her
That’s really all that matters.

Me ?
Barry Manilow.
It’s no secret. I have adored that man since the beginning of time.
His songs are my Heaven.
It’s that simple.

Throw my three other siblings in and we’ve got ourselves quite a musical mix.
Sister #1 brings Rod Stewart.
Brother #2 entertains with 80’s tunes and trivia.
Youngest Sister is all about Duran Duran
& even though I might not enjoy these tunes as much as they enjoy these tunes,
I love these people
& that’s really all that matters.

My siblings and I grew up in the same house with the same parents.
We had the same schooling, same environment.
Pretty much the same everything.
Yet we are all so different.
In our musical tastes, in our opinions and in our other life stuff.
Bottom line is that we love each other
& we respect our differences in opinion.
It makes us who we are
& it’s quite wonderful, if you ask me.

Human beings.

We are so unique but, so very much alike
& we share this big, ol ball in the sky for such a brief moment in time.

I have my opinions and tastes.
You have your opinions and tastes.
How’s about we all just respect these opinions, these differences.
How’s about we all just bring ourselves, our music, our uniqueness, our everything to this great big, wonderful table of life
& enjoy.

Just enjoy.


I Am My Feelings