Start With a Smile

Start With a Smile

I’ve seen her many, many times on the daily walks I walk.
She carries herself like a queen.
An Egyptian Queen.
Slow, steady, elegantly proper.
She wears a scarf around her head, always
& she is forever mysteriously hidden behind oversized sunglasses.

When our paths first crossed I could tell she was sizing me up.
That sideways glance, even with those sunglasses, was noticeable
& I felt her uncomfortable disdain.
This Egyptian Queen, looking at her servant.
Be gone, peasant.

I handed her a smile anyways.

Days, months passed and we continued our dance.
She looking my way, me looking hers.
Every once in awhile she’d offer a smirky sort of smile in return.
Like I had become a jester of sorts with my orange tennies and goofy grin.
I amused the Queen.
I’m allowed an audience.

One day, out of nowhere, she smiled at me when I smiled at her
& I thought YaY.
There is a person behind that tough cookie to crack exterior.

She and I have come a long way.
When we see each other these days she offers a genuine, happy to see me hello and a beaming face.
The scarf is gone, except on cold days and her sunglasses depend on the clouds.

I know nothing about this woman.
She knows nothing about me
& yet it’s funny how a friendship can begin by a sideways glance and a determined smile.

Walking around a nature trail, underneath the same trees and sky.
Enjoying the sights, the sounds.
The little joys of life. 
Seems this Egyptian Queen and I have something in common after all.


I Am My Feelings