Hello Pleasant

Hello Pleasant

I’m staring at my laptop this morning
& I’m thinking I’ve got no words in my head.

Instead, I’m hinging on letting the negatives get hold of my brain.
Why ?
I suppose because there are a lot of negatives out there in this world
& some days I feel them everywhere.
Like a annoying insect.
I keep swatting those darn pessimistic pessimists away but, they insist on coming back.

I think they like me.

Instead of allowing these unpleasantries to surround me, I’m going to change my mind channel.
I’d rather think happy.

Like how I love having my windows opened.
I have patiently waited out Winter and a not so springy Spring for a perfect open window day
& I’m thinking today is that day.
Bring on the scents of outside, please.
Grills, fresh cut grass, flowers and all those million other lovely things …
Oh, how I’ve missed you !


And those chattering birds.
There are so many sing songy conversations happening in my backyard at this moment
& I’m loving it.
Beautiful daily music.
Makes me wonder what it would be like to wake up every morning and just start singing
& then sing throughout the day just because I have a song.

Sounds Heavenly

& the sunrise ?
That too.
It was awesome.
It always is.

The green of the grass.
The blue of the sky.
Even those little yellow flowers that are popping up throughout my yard.
Some call them weeds.
I call them pretty.

It’s all good.
Really, really good.
& yep
I do believe I’ve batted off those annoying, pesty gloomies once again.


I’m so glad I found words inside my head.


I Am My Feelings