It’s Windy

It’s Windy

I made it back to my walking trail yesterday.
& yep, it was pretty darn chilly out there but, soooooo worth the layering up.
That quiet stillness gets me every time.


Before I can get to my favorite portion of the park though, I must walk parallel to a busy road
& since I am a counterclockwise walker, this means the people waiting for the intersection stop light have the opportunity to watch me stride by, if they so choose
& normally, I think … whatever.
If you enjoy watching the trail activity, so be it.
I know that’s what I do when I’m waiting on that light.

Every so often, the wind decides to do it’s swirly whirly thing and this busier part of my walk becomes a wind tunnel.
A very strenuous, I’m walking smack dab into the wind, wind tunnel.
Yesterday was one of those days.

So it’s windy in the wind tunnel
& it’s colder than I’d like it to be
& I’m thinking .. ok … maybe this wasn’t such a good idea after all.
& I’ve got this lineup of people in their nice warm cars looking at the crazy lady walking in the cold, cold, cold …
But, I kept walking.
Figured, I’m here.
Might as well go for it.

So I walkwalkwalkwalk
& yeah, it was brr. brr. brr. brrrrrrrrrr
& at this point, I’m agreeing with my audience …yep, I AM crazy.
But, I knew good things were ahead.
I knew once I turned the curve on that path, took that left, the wind and my walk should settle down
& it did.
Once I got beyond that wind tunnel rough spot, my yesterday’s walk became the best walk ever.

Beautiful serenity is what I felt and is the perfect way to describe it
& beautiful serenity = awesome.

So I’m finishing up the first lap wondering if I should walk my usual two
& I start thinking about that busy, windy road.
I’ll have to go past those gawkers again and through that very unpleasant part to get to what I know is and was a very good place
& I’m debating … the wind tunnel … gahhh … it’s so cold …and the people …and the brrrr and the …
& I’m hesitating …
But the voice within me tells me to do it.
That lovely voice reminds me of the beauty that awaits if I can just get to that bend in the road.
So, I go for it.
Lap #2
& yep…
It was terrible.

But, I kept walking
& once I got through the awful, it was quite wonderful
& all I kept thinking as I’m steadfastly trudging against the wind with a bunch of toasty looking faces pitifully staring at me is …
I KNOW what’s around that bend.

Stay focused.
Get beyond the roughness.
Just. Keep. Walking.

I did
& the beautiful serenity was even lovelier the second go around.

Lesson learned, relentlessly windy wind tunnel.
Lesson learned.


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