Giving Blood

Giving Blood

I’m donating blood today
& that’s a good thing, a really, really good thing to do.

But yes, I’ll admit, at first I was a bit perturbed
& yep, I guess I did have an attitude.
I felt as if I was bumped, demoted, second string.
You see, I’m more in the habit of handing over my plasma.

Every four weeks, for over a year now, those kind ladies of Heartland Blood Center have attached me to an awesome device.
I call it the ‘plasma taker outer machine’.
It takes my plasma as I sit there watching and wondering who will be the latest recipient of my bags of yellow
& truth be told ?
I’ve grown very fond of the plasma taker outer machine.
Yes, yes, we’ve had our troubles in the past but, I thought we had them all ironed out.
I thought that darn thing liked me.

I guess not.
We’ve recently broke up.

Seems my teeny, tiny veins were just too much for the plasma taker outer machine to handle.
It’s alerting became insistent.
Every five minutes or so …

Until, …. beeeeeeeeeeeep …. those extremely patient ladies of Heartland just couldn’t take it anymore.
They suggested maybe plasma taker outer machine and I should have a little break, part ways, take a breather.

but … but … but….
I don’t wanna … ! …

It took me awhile.
I’m finally over it.

& today, I’m back.
Back to donating blood.
Good old fashion whole blood
& I just gotta tell you, I’m extremely excited about it.
I am !

It’s been so long since I’ve donated blood that I’ve forgotten what crimson looks like
& I’m already wondering who will be the lucky recipient of my pint of red.

I’m donating blood today
& that’s a good thing, a really, really good thing to do.


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