Fess Up Milk Duds

Fess Up Milk Duds

When it comes to Cheetos and Milk Duds I have no self control.
It’s embarrassing to admit but …there…I said it.

An unopened bag Cheetos is safe.
An opened bag …?…. not so much.
Something about those cheesy puffs makes me lose all willpower.
I must have them.
I must.

Milk Duds are worse.
It’s bad.
I could choke on a Milk Dud and die happy.
If that’s terrible I don’t care.
If loving them is wrong I don’t want to be right.

So there you have it.
I’ve fessed up.
& I feel wonderfully released.
 ! ! ! ! ! !

Fess Up Friday.
I should do this more often.