! ! YaY ME DaY ! !

! ! YaY ME DaY ! !

A few of us were staring at the tv recently, trying to keep those eyeballs open after a long, wonderful day, when we stumbled upon a game show.
We’ll watch.
When it came time for the host to small talk with the contestants, revealing their interesting this and that’s, one happy soul enthusiastically replied ! YES ! to her YOU REALLY LEFT ALLLLL OF SOCIAL MEDIA ??!!?? astonishment. Turns out, it was the best decision he’s ever made, emphasizing the weight lifted, the free as a bird feelz, the joy of being untethered from the masses.
And, by golly …

and counting …

Missing Out

! ! 365 ! !


Welcome to my ! ! YaY ME ! ! day.
It’s been 4 solid years since I left Facebook
& cleansed, is a word I use to describe.

Thanks for the high five affirmation, Contestant #1
Glad to know there’s another somebody in this world who knows there’s an EXIT sign
& ahhhhhh,
leaving is the best decision I’ve ever made tooooooooo.


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