Hey, Me

Hey, Me

Stumbled across these words as I was searching for something else …

Slow and steady really does win the race.

Share it, say it, be it, DO IT

Treasure everything and take nothing for granted

Pass it on and on and on and on

Stay determined

No matter what, remain FOCUSED

Give BIG HUGS to genuine people

Everything is difficult at first, but don’t let that stop you from trying

Be real, sincerity is always reciprocated

HOPE, even and especially when the odds are stacked high

If at first you don’t succeed …
because you’ll never know unless you do

Catch those sunrises and sunsets

Pay attention to the little-s

If you’re not sure, ASK

Some days are more difficult than others, take a deep breath and DEAL

Trust your instincts

Get over it quickly, it’s not worth your energy

Remain centered, the Universe knows when it’s time

Stay in touch with the souls who make your heart happy

! ! Sing ! !

! ! Dance ! !

! ! Laugh ! !

! ! Love ! !

& enjoy this loveliness, called TODAY.


Hey, Me ??
I needed that.


Above The Rain