& Knowing

& Knowing




Off Kilter

Yep. Mysterious seems to be following me around these days, like a magnet, it’s attached
& that’s all good and good ! I have no problem with inexplicable peculiarities. In fact, I welcome them. Keeps me on my toes. Makes life interesting.
When things bunch up, gather around and come-a-calling all at once though ??

uh huh


So. I’m trying to find the common denominator. The what’s the point ??! The what the heck ??! The hey now !! as to WHY ?? this is occurring and just WHEN will it depart ??
& of course, the first placement of my blame lies with my always lurking in the background buddy, Full Moon.
Because every time this beauty enters my orbit, I welcome back mind games and bizarre.

But, nope. It’s not the Moon.
& then I figured, it’s coincidence. The every once in awhile alignment of fate and whack-y.

That’s gotta be it, right ?? There’s way toooooo many incidences all lined up in a tidy, little row, waiting for that perfect opportunity to a-ha !! gotcha !!
But, nope. It’s not coincidence

& after all my wonders and ponders and trying my darnedest to figure out this kooky phenomena, I’ve come to a very simple, solid, makes perfect sense conclusion.

It’s Trust
& Believing.

It’s Faith
& Knowing.

It’s unbreakable and unwavering and forever.

It’s I. GOT. THIS.

So, umm, whatever you have up your sleeve next, Strange, Odd, Unusual and Off Kilter ?
Bring. It.

I’ve found my power.

‘Cause Jesus Told Me So