3 Replies to “I Told My Teacher …”

  1. You were one of the featured authors in my daughter’s second grade classroom last night. The entire school celebrated a literacy night event where the students and parents came together. As the teacher, my daughter organized the event in her classroom. Those who came to her classroom stopped and read a book from her library area. Many chose your books to share, some taking pictures and even requested information on how to get them for their own kids. Some parents even thought having you there would be the “cherry on top” for the event next year!

  2. My daughter is a second grade teacher and yesterday was their first annual schoolwide literacy night. You were one of the featured authors. The children and parents came in and chose a book to read together. Many parents joined in, taking pictures of your books so they could get them for their own. The kids were excited to share this time. One parent thought next year you should come as that would be the “cherry on top”. My daughter wanted me to express thanks again!