Little Stuff

Little Stuff

I try my best to concentrate on the amazing, little stuff that occurs each day.
Sun shining, people smiling, clouds fluffing.
You know …
The simpleness of  life.
But when big stuff happens, especially not so wonderful big stuff, I tend to push aside those happy-s .

So today, I’m thinking about yesterday and my taken for granted, tiny things.
My unnoticed, until now, pleasantries.

Like that morning cup of coffee.
I love that morning cup of coffee.
I enjoy it every single a.m. yet, it’s such a part of my routine, I don’t really think about it.
Well today, I’m thinking about it.

Or how’s about that sincere Have a nice day from the person on the other side of the aisle.

& that perfectly timed just because.
Just because.

& the I’m on my way home from work so I thought I’d call conversation instead of responding by text.

& a bowl of soup, gifted, ’cause it might help me feel better.

& that BIG HUG from a loving soul.


As I wander into this brand, new 24, I am going to take extra, special notice of the teeny stuff.
Because those delightfully cheery, itty-bitties, sure make the big stuff,
especially the not so wonderful big stuff,
seem rather small.

Helloooooo, Today.


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2 Replies to “Little Stuff”

  1. Glad to see your writing today – inspiration taken and of course, as always, much needed from your sharings. You are a person with great integrity, honor and love and uplift many. God bless and be sure to take care of yourself today!