Look Again

Look Again

Some would express distaste, mutter a quick eww !! or wonder what’s the point ?? and I must admit, I have too. It’s gooey, it’s not all that pretty and it sits, doing a whole lotta nothing,

but as I stroll past this particular spot on my walking trail each day, this green goo absolutely fascinates me & hey there, Google !! tell me, tell me !! the deal with the slime …

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Algae are autotrophic protists that can be found in pond water. Most of these microorganisms are green in color, while a few may be yellowish-brown. Algae are also diverse, and may either be unicellular or multicellular.

Some of the most common forms of algae that may be found in pond water include spongomonas, euglena as well as chlamydomonas. While some of these microorganisms (chlamydomonas) swim freely in search of food, others (spongomonas) live in gelatinous matrices and use special features to collect food without moving from one point to another.

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I’m pretty sure you’re thinking, um, yeah, right, sooooooo ? But bear with me, because I honestly cannot get the thought of alllllll those tens of thousands of creatures and critters and microscopic tiny things out of my brain.

Purpose. Each and every single, solitary, little, bitty whatever in that unmovable water has a purpose for being. Being HERE

& what seems like a big ol’ blob  is inhabited and very much needed, is deemed beautiful by those who know and is downright loved by something or someone, somewhere

Now consider a person, that human soul you’ve seen every day for as long as you remember, but have never, ever greeted or acknowledged or given one care to or about …

Everyone of us has a reason, a purpose for being here and now. We may question and wonder and never understand the why’s and what’s or who’s and how’s, but if we TRY to see the beauty inside and if we TRY to duplicate the love that some other someone, somewhere feels ??


Hey, the next time you catch yourself muttering what’s the point ?!?!!?  Rethink that thought and simply look again.

Please, look again.


You Matter

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