She Is & I

She Is & I

Do not stand at my grave and weep. I am not there. I do not sleep.

I repeated those words many times before, during and after her funeral
so much so, a good friend quietly questioned, WHY do you keep saying that ??

It’s a poem by Mary Elizabeth Frye. I found it in the newspaper obituary section way back in the day.

It touched me deep, so I cut it out and placed it in my pile of MUST save quotes, which is now known as My Red Book
& as I stood at my mother’s grave fourteen years ago, as I visit that cemetery, I sing those beautiful words again
& again.

She is not there.
She does not sleep.

Mom is everywhere now
& it’s quite awesome to see, to feel, to know.


I can hear what you’re thinking.

ahhh jeez.
Signs ??  AGAIN ??
! ! !

But here I go with the signs again because I can’t stop myself.
Pay attention to those signs.

Mom has given us sooooooo many.
From the day she left, to now
& I am absolutely positive

Absolutely. Positive.

those you love who have left this life offer you the very same hope.


They may be big, they may be small but they are !!
Open up, allow your heart to see.

Scents and songs and long forgotten, suddenly found mementos,
dreams and feelings and people placed in your life path for no apparent reason.
Hugs and warmth and HEY ! did you see that too ?
Nature and silence and whispers and …
and love


Love continues.
It’s for always.
It’s forever
It’s patiently waiting to be noticed
& my !! how I hope you notice !!

Happy Mom’s Day, Mom
& thank you for those continuous, awesome reminders.
You most definitely, ever so wonderfully do not sleep.
You are here

& I smile.

I Love You Too

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