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I found these words as I was strolling through my archives and I’m hoping they help a hurting heart.

♥ Enjoy ♥

It was Mother’s Day in the early 1990’s. They were giggly playing in the backyard and I was dilly-dallying in the kitchen when she suddenly and very excitedly burst through the door.

Mommy !! MOMMY !! Come see !! Come see !! It’s Mary !! Happily squealing, she tugged at my arm and pulled me outside and as she pointed to a neighbor’s blossoming bush, she exclaimed, THERE !! Do you see her ?? doyouseeher ??!!?!??!!

Describing in great detail, she told me how Jesus’ mama was standing, smiling, that her head was slightly tilted and her hands were held up in prayer. PURE GLEE filled her voice and her whole, entire young self. Mary arrived on a Sunday and left a few days later, but each time we’d step out back during that brief visit, I’d inquire, Is she still here ? and Daughter would peek and respond with a delightful YES !

When relaying our Mary story to the people in our life, some thought we should !! CALL A PRIEST !! and others felt these were the mere whims of a child and although I could not physically see Mary as Daughter saw her, I believed. Oh yes, I believe.

Fast forward to the day before yesterday as Grandson and I took a break from our play.

How long will it be until you go back to Heaven, Gramma ? he wondered and being somewhat surprised by his ponder, I responded with a Gramma’s going to be here for many more days.  Our conversation shifted to another topic and that was that … until the quiet of this morning when BAM.

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

He said back to Heaven

! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Time and time again I have heard these amazing, beautiful hints and I am convinced children realized what we adults have long ago forgotten.

A soon to be 2 year old grabbing hold of my clunky, filled with way tooooo may medals necklace and chiming Esus ! when I have never, ever connected Jesus to those jingly, jangly hangings on my neck ??


Call me crazy, but I’ll continue to listen for those incredible secrets. The little ones know stuff !! and I sooooo appreciate their subtle reminders and gentle enlightenment.

! Back to Heaven  !


He said !! Back to !!

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