The Puppy Wall

The Puppy Wall

Our high school graduation pictures don a wall at Dad’s house, all six of us, spruced up in our 8×10 inch frames and smiling oh so bright and although I cringe every time I glance at mine, there they’ve been, there they will stay. YaY Youth

! ♥ !

A doorway separates us elders from Mom and Dad’s grand-kids but yep, they have a wall too. There’s eight, total, and golly !! are they ever CUTE ! Adolescence at it’s best, if we do say so ourselves. But, ya never know, those grownup grands might beg to differ.

! ♥ !

Take a slight right and you’ll view the great- grandchildren’s images and hang on a second while I count … yep, nine adorable-s line that irresistible section and seriously ?? ’nuff said.

! ♥ !

This past Christmas, Youngest Sister had a brainstorm of a gift idea. ! Puppies ! add puppies to Dad’s kaleidoscope !! because we have a few and they are a big, mushy mushy, sentimental segment to our family. Now, I call them puppies, but one or more of these critters have been around for a long while and no offense, dog, but dog just doesn’t sound as enthusiastic. And at the risk of becoming completely sidetracked, kitties are now represented too. But that’s another story for another time … so …

hmmm …

where was I ???

oh yeah. ! The Puppy Wall !

Sister contacted our sis and nieces and nephews and asked them to take part and send in a photo of their furry friend. And to make it all the more delightful, a decorative tie or scarf of some sort of sparkle would only add to the pizazz, so please doooo & YaY. Family energetically complied and ta-da !! This customized present was ready to be revealed.

Now Christmas Eve at my father’s house is always jammed packed with laughter and chatter, food, noise and a mish-mash of busy so as he officially unwrapped and studied each entry, I’m afraid his true feelings might have been lost in the chaotic shuffle of it all. Enter a day or two later and that one last empty spot on those merry wall of walls ? Yep. Tap, tap, tap, in order of appearance, Dad ever so gently placed eight portraits, proudly displaying those pups. And coming from a man who’s childhood never had and who chose not to add such fluffiness to our already crowded household, this was huge

& shhh

don’t tell anyone, but I’m pretty sure this guy holds the biggest space in Dad’s extremely generous heart.

Sadly, our pal Barkley, had to leave us yesterday. He was sick. He was hurting. And I could go on and on about rainbow bridges and reuniting with the others and gleefully frolicking in the greenest of meadows  … but … right here, right now ?? Tears, smiles and memories will rule our hearts. And that wall of canine uniqueness will be cherished a little bit brighter, a whole lot tighter.

We’ll miss you, B.




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