& ! ! ! ! !

& ! ! ! ! !

Boom, pop, whirly and wooooo as I’ve never heard before happened throughout my community last night

& ! ! ! ! !

say what you will about fireworks, seems you either love them or hate them. They fill you with glee or annoy. But from my little ‘ol view on the back porch I call home ??


’twas a serenade of  fantastic !!

As if someone set a timer and coordinated it’s precision, this 4th of July drumbeat rippled it’s way through, surrounding me with an enthusiastic rhythm. And along with those dancing to the beat, lightning bugs

I adored every, single second of it’s revelry.


It was definitely different this go-around. I’m usually plopped at the local park with family, friends, blankets and coolers

where enjoyable, it always is !! The powers that be in my town put on quite the yearly show. But 2020 demands change so home I and everyone else stayed

& ! ! ! ! !

into the early morn they roared.

And I’m sorry if this bothers you or your someones, if it freaks out your pets or makes you tremble with fear. I can only imagine your perspective. I’ve never experienced.

All I can relate to in THIS morning after moment is what it felt like for me. And from my simple point of reference ??

! ! ! ! !

Thanks for the noise, the colors and the bursts of jubilation, Happy Birthday To Us !! celebrators

I sooooooo needed your spark.