Have you ever had a thought just tap, tap, tap at your brain ?

Hunkered in the shadows, with it’s !! I’m not leaving until we address this issue !! humph.

That was me with my very dear pal, Facebook.

Until today.

Because today, I plan on addressing that little something
& follow what my inner voice has been suggesting all along.

I’ll deactivate.
I will step away.
I’ll stop.

& yes, I’ve been down this road before so I already know Are you SURE you want to DO THIS ?? Facebook will once, twice, again and again ask as it rattles off the people I might be offending with my departure.
Are ? You ? SURE ???

Yes, friends.
I am sure.

Why ?
Because my mind keeps taking me back.

It was 2009 and I was on my “I’m 50 !!” Colorado birthday trip, provided by my way too generous children.
Sisters, niece and I were having a hiking, picnicking, glorious day when someone pondered …
Are you n FaceBook yet ??!?? You really should be on FaceBook !!

& so, I did, I was, I liked
& it truly has been a wonderful journey !

The reunions with my long lost peeps.
The sharing of moments and food and songs and selfies and puppies and clouds and trees and stuff.
The checking in-s.
The Happy Birthdays.
Happy Anniversaries.
Happy ! Happy ! 🙂 !
The wish you were here having fun with us too.
The… the ….

ahhhh, Facebook !! We have definitely come a L O N G way
& I will forever be appreciative of YOU.

You brought me out of my shell, is what you did.
My ‘I’ll Keep These Poems and Stories Tucked Safely Away In This Drawer Forever’ fear.
I was scared and timid and I would not allow anyone to enter this very, VERY private part of me
& although it was a slow and I do mean S L O W, extremely tedious and yes ! rather torturous process, I did it.
We did it.

I’m not afraid anymore, Facebook.


So WHY deactivate, you ask ?

Because my inner voice is quite insistent
& it’s telling me to go back.
Go back to that Colorado day before.
Go back to old school.
Go back to quiet
& shhhh

Just shhhh

No worries, my devoted book buddies
& please know, it’s nothing personal !
I’ll leave, but my blog words shall remain via the unrelenting loyalty of Brother, Sister, Friends and Husband and I truly hope you continue to read, follow.

You can also catch me on

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or simply go straight to the source and follow my rambles at jackihaltonmcavoy.com

& if you happen to want a cute, daily reminder, email your address to smiledott@yahoo.com and I will USPS you a super fancy magnet

Yep. My profile picture and I will exit this building today.
For awhile. For forever  ?


Honestly, I’m not really sure but I will keep you posted and I will keep writing.


Thanks for your support, FaceBook !! I love you all !!

And I will definitely see you elsewhere !!