Good Morning Earth

Good Morning Earth

Welcome to your day.

I’d like to hand over a big ol’ shout out, if I may, along with an apology.

You see, I’ve slipped up a few times through the years.
I’ve not honored you the way I should, the way you deserve
& that makes me so sad.
It took the older, wiser me to understand.
But now, I get it.
I so get it.


That’s what we are all about
& from this day forward, you have my word.
Big things, little things, whatever it takes, I WILL try harder, I WILL do better.
For witnessing you quietly yet determinedly reclaim what my fellow humans and I have destroyed is sacred and awe-inspiring. You cleanse as we quarantine and humbled, I forever am.

Happy Earth Day, Earth.

I thank.

I love.

I promise.

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