I See You

I See You

It’s raining

& if today was yesterday, I’d be feeling every little bit of it.

Why ?

Because yesterday, I jumped right smack into a woe is me, this #stayhome is driving me crazy !! binge watching, couch potato flopping, agitated, irritated vortex. Truth be told, I allowed negativity in and I let it take over


& yes, I know a backache controlled my dreary mindset and I know my blog words insisted positive  ( My Must Adjust ) but,  gaaaa ! try as I might, I could not stop the tumble

& today ?

Well today, I’m ashamed of my boo flippin hoo, sob story ways, cause guess what ?

MY biggest trouble is keeping my brain and body occupied and my hugest gripe is I can’t go or do and my humongous decision is carryout or leftovers ?? and my gigantic hmmm is should I grocery shop Monday or Tuesday ?? and ! shame on me !

I cannot even begin to imagine what life at a hospital is like right now or how it feels to have a friend test positive or a family member succumb to this beast called COVID-19 or having No. Other. Choice. but to go to work because you are who you are and you do what you do


You’re carrying an indescribable burden and I’m awed by your bravery and honored by your genuine and if there is a lesson learned in this confused madness it’s YOU.

Here’s to replicating, imitating, duplicating, emulating, echoing, resembling, sharing and following the sincerity filled model of YOU.


What am I going to do on this puddle-y, rainy Saturday ??

Remain determinedly #flattenthecurve hunkered as I send every hope, every prayer, every positive vibe I own humbly and appreciatively to YOU.

Above The Rain