What’s Yours ?

What’s Yours ?

Have I mentioned I love Barry Manilow ?!?
I do.
I so do.

What’s that ?
What’s my very favorite Barry song ?? you ask !??
Well ! thanks for inquiring !
I will respond quickly because that’s an extremely easy question to answer.

My favorite Barry Manilow song of allllll time is I Made It Through The Rain
yep. yep.
& since you’re so kind and curious, I’m going to tell you my very favorite words to my very favorite Barry song.

! ! LOVE ! !

Say what you say and feel what you feel about my preferred song choice, those simple words save me,
time after time after time again.

! ♥ !

& then I think, hmmm …

What’s YOUR absolute song ?? And YOURS ?? And YOURSYOURSYOURS ??

You know the one.

The one that touches your soul, the one, no matter how many listens, feels like the first, the one that takes you back to the exact spot you were when those lyrics entered your life, the one that taps into your very core …

& hmmm

Wouldn’t it be FANTASTIC if we, each and every single one of us, would share that moment, that song ??? Expose are reasoning and our why’s ?? Find that innermost common thread we so desperately need in these isolated times ?? Help us rediscover our wonderful uniqueness ??  ’cause music is spiritual !! it’s glue !! it’s fortitude !! It’s HOPE ! ! it’s everything ! ! and if we only take that minute to realize, to experience, to care

and hmmm

now that I’ve showed you mine, I inquisitively wonder …

What’s Yours ??