Her perspective is unique. Her words say it all.

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I’m a pretty frequent spreader of “its all about your perspective” and everyone has a different one – my bad day at work is different from most people’s bad day at work and I (try) to keep that in mind.

On call for trauma today, in charge of my surgical intensive care unit, I will say I was afraid to come to work today. I frequently don’t WANT to go to work but today, I was AFRAID. Nurses, doctors, RTs, pharmacists, EVERYONE that works in a hospital is doing the best we can and we don’t know if it will be enough. And there’s a whole lot of other people out there (grocery store clerks, delivery people, garbage men, I could go on) who are also out there doing their job the best the can. We are asking, NO BEGGING, that if you are not one of those people, PLEASE PLEASE STAY HOME. Help us by “flattening the curve.” Follow social distancing rules. Yeah it sucks to be at home, yes definitely the economy is going to suffer. Yes there are people who have lost their jobs. It’s all terrible.

We are trying to keep people from dying and trying to spread out health care resources – it sucks on our end too. But we’re here – trying to take care of you and each other.

So maybe a change of perspective country wide would be helpful. Instead of “I have to” maybe we could focus on “I get to”. So many people are doing what they can to spread their love and talents online. Learn something new. Catch up on every show you haven’t watched. Do online workouts with amazing people. You can still go for a walk. Support the restaurant industry with takeout and delivery. FaceTime a group. Hang out with your family…

Because I don’t get to right now.

THANK YOU for putting yourself on the line for us, my friend, I appreciate your incredible view.


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My blog is YOUR blog and I encourage you to share your perspective.

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