May 19, 2015 is when I very first noticed. I mean really, REALLY  noticed. Apparently, I had not opened my eyeballs or my brain wide enough to see until the day I acknowledged this delightful phenomena with these words …


This is going to sound a little weird.
But, if you’re a steady reader of this blog, you’re probably getting used to A. Little. Weird.

I’m seeing smiles everywhere these days.
Not just on the friendly faces of happy people I meet, I mean everywhere.

In the clouds and on the ground.
In the tracked in grass on the front room tile.
Smudges on a mirror.
The dirt drawn one on the car in front of me while driving.
Smile formed whirl y-burlies in the grass …

Seems everywhere I look, there’s something smiling at me.


& somewhere down the road, I googled and found a scientific definition for what I now consider a very normal lovely.


Oh, Pareidolia ! I’d sooooo rather believe in the emotions of the universe when I randomly witness



and it’s when I bump into those smiles,

those glorious, silly smiles when I realize how perfectly aligned I am with this life.

So BIG cheers to opening up and finally seeing what’s been patiently waiting for me all along

& yep. It’s TRUE. I see smiles everywhere !! and with those  🙂 come a boatload of HOPE that I’m being given signs.

Signs to enjoy.
Signs that all is ok.
Signs to smile.

Just smile.