Every Single Day

Every Single Day

I call it ‘My Every Day Happy Book’

and it began with a thought Daughter placed into my head way back in January of 2017.
Jot down one pleasant moment
into a journal each day, all year.


Sounds easy and incredibly doable, right ??
Guess what ??
IT IS ! ! !

It’s also a life changer as I view things so differently now. I’ve committed to the bright and in return that delightful light continually opens up to find me.


& last evening,  I penned the very last Note To Self into my 2019 book
& I will gleefully begin a fresh memento today.


& I highly recommend !
Because as I thumb through my scribble scrabbles, I am reminded of allllll the fantastic little lovelies that occurred within every single one of these last 365 days

& yes !
It IS awesome !!

& even on the days that were not totally terrific there was SOMETHING,
a teeny tiny, itty bitty Some.Thing. be to joyful for and about and with and because
& I PROMISE, if you look, you will see.
Always !

Oh, Life.

It is an often difficult,
sometimes stubborn,
zig-zaggity, roller coaster ride
But it offers hope
and dreams
and wonder
and wisdom
and love
and amazing

& I absolutely cannot wait to document what’s next.