You’ll Be Fine

You’ll Be Fine

We lightheartedly laugh as we reminisce and I find myself giggling every time this memory reenters my brain. There we were, Son, Daughter and I sitting on the train, heading to Chicago to visit a very sick Dad / Husband when we ever so gently stumbled upon the subject of death and the what if’s ?? of it all

& hmmm

& I truly meant no harm when I gleefully gushed and casually, right hand up to push away gestured !! You’ll Be Fine !!  as I explained the joy I anticipate at the very thought of seeing Jesus and my mama again.

& with that simple segue, I’d like to repeat one of my favorite Blogs By Me, with the utmost confidence in trusting and believing and knowing yes !!



WE will be fine.

! ! ! ♥ ! ! !

This is going to sound somewhat terrible
& it’s a heck of a way to start off a bright, beautiful morning but, I feel I must
& so, I must.

I really, really & I mean REALLY dislike the expression, rest in peace.

I know.
I know.

That’s insensitive, inappropriate, heartless.
Etcetera. Etcetera. Etcetera.


Those simple syllables are probably the easiest words to say when there are no other words to say.
They are heartfelt, universal and genuinely comforting.

I know
& I agree.
But, those three words drive me absolutely, positively, fingernails on a chalkboard crazy.

On the day I die I want no such statements of sympathy.
In fact, if I hear even one “R I P” I just might stick around and knock some heads.
Please do not be sorry.
Please DO celebrate.

Celebrate me.
Celebrate life.

I want songs and laughs and drinks and food.
I want dancing and singing.
I want the biggest, best party ever.

Sure there will be tears.
The sadness of death is often unbearable.
I have experienced that pain.
I have been in that fog
& I know, all too well, that awful, infinite void.
Believe me, I get it.
What I don’t understand and absolutely do not want for me though, is the heavy doom and gloom surrounding death
& that horrible feeling of ending.

It’s not the end at all.
It’s a brand new, glorious beginning !
& I am 100% certain it’s all good.
Very, Very, VERY good.

So please …
Do not say ‘I’m sorry for your loss’ when it’s my turn to go, instead ! be happy for my gain !

And if there is a way to send signs that I am perfectly fine
(there is … Mom sends them all the time)
you better believe I’ll be sending.
Including that knock upside the head if I hear even one “rest in peace” because I promise,
I won’t be resting.


Dancing With Jesus