It’s A Crapshoot

It’s A Crapshoot


That was my response when asked what advice I would offer if Husband and I were the last couple standing during the Anniversary Dance at Daughter’s upcoming wedding because errrr, you guys have been married a LONG time, ya know

& I truly meant no harm but immediately after those words slipped out of my mouth, I whispered !! oops !!   and we all laughed.  A glass or two of wine and ! uh-oh ! time to go to bed, Mom

but since the nuptials are a mere three days away and my mind is zeroing in on everything matrimony, I thought maybe I should Google

_ _ _ _ _

Craps is a game in which players make wagers on the outcomes of rolls of dice. Because dice tumble randomly and the outcome is not predictable, craps is a game of chance. From this we can infer the meaning of the metaphorical term crapshoot—that is, a situation whose outcome is not predictable.

_ _ _ _ _

YaY.  Now I don’t feel so bad.

The outcome is not predictable.


His presence in a room is undeniable and I sometimes wonder if this exuberant soul has ever met a stranger. With a bellowing voice and infectious laugh, you know fun has arrived.  He meets, he greets, he is a talker’s talker and I’m often amazed at how he makes conversing with anyone and everyone look so doggone easy

& that hug ?? Yep. Encompassing. He is a burst of positive energy

& he loves my daughter.


They pledge their I do-s on Saturday and along with that promise comes an amazingly beautiful mystery as no one knows what the future holds. But I’m pretty darn certain the trust and friendship and respect and balance that accompanies these two will lead their way

& yep,

it is a crapshoot, my peeps.

A whirly-twirly, zig-zaggity, smiles and tears and highs and lows and up and down and allllll around, unpredictable path

& YaY

My wager is on YOU.

One More Chance