& Presto

& Presto

It always happily amazes me how one child can walk up to another child, say Hello, ask a name and find that teeny, tiny bit of something in common to keep the conversation going. They can be total and complete strangers until   Hey !! I like that tooooo !!  is discovered

& presto.


or they’ll happen to see or do or seek or find or try or ponder or have

& weeee ! FUN !!

& why we lose this pure, curious wonderment about one another as we age will forever puzzle me. Kids gather and converse and bond simply because they are alike in their kid-dom.

You’re 4 and I’m 5 so YaY !! Let’s be pals !!

ahhhh, youth

I found a little bit of that priceless-ness yesterday as I was out and about and doing my thing and today my heart is still reveling in this precious form of happy.

There we were, different in every sense of the word but finding a link, a some thing that kept the yappin’ moving along and the more we let those words tumble out, the more our barriers melted and our smiles grew

& how incredibly easy it was to sit with this other human being and appreciate our similarities.


Will I someday see this newbie buddy ever, ever  again ?? you inquire.

Probably not. But I guarantee I will carry this feeling of camaraderie around with me for a very long while simply because it felt nice to be nice and have nice so wonderfully returned and yes, Youngsters, I really do need to follow your incredibly easy lead.

so, um, err, Hey !!

you wanna be friends ?!?