Super Cool

Super Cool

Have I mentioned how I absolutely, positively, no doubt about it, simply and wholeheartedly ADORE  signs ???

I do.

I sooooooo do !

& there just might be a reasonable, sensible, practical, no nonsense explanation as to the logistics of it all but


these uniquely flavored caramel creams

& when Daughter sent a text alerting us to the fact that

my initial reaction was a heart burst of

But the more I thought and thought and thought about it, curiosity overruled

& a most warm and happy feeling took over my insides

& even though we all realize

at Daughter’s Bridal Shower because she is and has been and will be,  when Mom throws in a cute little zinger like


& if there happens to be a level-headed logical HOW ?? this sweet treat ended up in that big, ol’ box to be discovered by a Granddaughter who misses her candy passer-outer Grandma soooooo very much ??


We already know.