Give Us This Day

Give Us This Day

These are the words I focus upon as my brain tumbles into overdrive with middle of the night thoughts, can’t turn it off, monkeys having a field day, whattodowhattodowhattodooooooo

& shhh


… give us this day our daily bread …

Where it came from and why I over and over repeat a prayer I, truth be told, haven’t recited in years ?? and it’s not like we don’t talk, we chat all the time, I tell Jesus my this and that’s, thank Him, request of Him, yep, we have quite the discussion most days. But this 2 a.m. mantra on random, sleep elusive nights has somehow become mine and these simple words quietly soothe my soul and immediately scatter the irritating critters

& hmmm


That’s how He makes me feel. Calm, comfortable, cozy. Sometimes, all I need to whisper is Jesus and ahhh, I’m just like !! that !! back to trusting and trust is where I always, ALWAYS promise Him I’ll stay.

Until I don’t.

Until I stray.

Until I doubt

& ugh !!

WHY He allows me in each and every single time is absolutely beyond me, but, there He over and over again is with His Hello !!  welcome home greeting and there I am, humbled and appreciative and very much human.

Give us this day is my magic potion to where I belong. It remembers and reminds


He’s soooo got this.

Thanks for your continued commitment to me, my friend, and next time those exasperating revelers take over my brainwaves ??

give us this day … I’ll be chanting

& ahhhh.

Returned to You, I am infinitely grateful to stay.


My Friend