Although I have many a reason to boast about this, that and the other, I don’t.
I’m a keep it close to the vest type of gal.
The people who need to know I’m over the top delighted with them, know.
I tell them.

This is Mother’s Day, so be warned.
I am putting my showoff shoes on.

My children.

They’ve set goals.
They have accomplished goals
and I am certain, they are not finished yet ♥ because they dream high
and I no doubt know they will achieve and succeed.


But, that’s not why I am so proud of them.
What makes me proudest has nothing to do with schools or degrees or material stuff or jobs or any of that sort of thing.
What I adore most about these people of mine ?
They are very wonderful human beings.
Good, solid, decent, kind, caring human beings.

Niceys is what I have dubbed them
& you can’t get much better than that.
And when you get right down to it, THAT is all that matters.

So today, I want to make it known throughout the land that my kids really are the BEST of the best
& I am incredibly proud of the people they have become.

Happy Mother’s Day ?
You better believe it !
I’m Happy every single day because of them.

I Boast ! ! !
I Brag ! ! !



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