About eight or so years ago, my sisters and I went to a Psychic Fair.
It was something we were curious about, had always wanted to experience and a gathering of metaphysical experts just happened to be in town on a day we were wandering about, so Sisters and I decided NOW is the time. Let’s do it.

When we first entered the fair we were informed by a nice lady to follow. Follow our minds, follow our hearts, be open and if we felt a “pull”, go for it. So, off my sisters and I trotted and at first, we stayed together because we were not sure what to expect or who ? what ? how ? to do this stuff. Soon though, we separated, each of us fascinated by different abilities and phenomenon.

I wasn’t really expecting to feel anything in particular that day. I had heard about “the pull” before and I thought it was cool and all but, I figured it would never, could never happen to me.

Welp. It happened to me & I can honestly say that “pull” changed my thinking and my life.

She was sitting off by herself. In fact, she had just arrived and hadn’t even completely set up her area yet. I was walking by this young person and something inside my head told me to stop. So I did.

Among the many things I was advised that day, one will always and forever stand out. This wonderful woman quietly alerted me of a wall, a communication “blockage” in my mind. She said once opened, amazing things would happen.

At the time, I didn’t really know what my reader was referring to, I just thought I needed to express my inner feelings more & although I completely enjoyed the experience, I  put that day on the shelf and went about living my life.

Somewhere down my road though, I woke up.
The wall, torn down. 
The dam, busted wide open.

Words. Words. Words. They have been bottled up inside of me for a very, VERY long time & now that they are free ??!??


& I will keep writing and writing and writing because I honesty cannot stop. It’s me. It is who I’ve always been and who I forever will be & I am so, soooo happy I followed the guidance of that intuitive soul on that random, ‘let’s go for it’ day.

Open up.
Amazing awaits.

Thanks, Amanda.
You were right.