Heart to Heart

Heart to Heart

My annual, repeated words for a very, VERY good cause.

– – – – – – – –

When it comes to my daily doing, being, living I have always been a keep it close to the vest kind of gal.
I don’t let too many people into the grind of the day to day, most get my Cliffs-Notes
& that is why I am sometimes surprised at this blog of mine.
My rambles often express words I have trouble saying out loud.
I feel them but, my written words are much, much easier to say.

That being said, there are things that have been happening in my life for a long time now that I have not shared.
I figured it was Husband and my personal business
& personal business stays within.
No blogs words.
No social media status.
No account updates.
In this case, in our case, we kept it tight.
We felt those who needed to know, knew.
It’s as simple as that
& THAT is how it worked around here, year upon year upon year.

Until today.
Today, I’m spilling details.

Husband had heart valve replacement surgery and a pacemaker procedure in May, 2016
& he’s doing good.
Doctor visits, cardio rehab, healthy eating, exercise, everything is coming along well.
There have been a few bumps in the road here and there but, all in all, big picture, I’d say he’s on his way to better, much better.
But this is now, today.
There were a lot of our days before today that have not been all that great.
In fact, in a ten year span, we have had multiple hospital visits and much unpleasantness.
But, I’m not here to complain.
Life hands us things for a reason.

Long time ago, I had a childhood friend named Kenny.
Kenny was born with a hole in his heart and when we were in high school he had surgery.
I don’t recall what the doctors were planning to do to repair Kenny’s heart, but I do remember Kenny being nervous.
As he and I talked about his upcoming hospital stay, I calmed Kenny’s concerns as best as a 17 year old could with a, “You’ll be back here in a few days Kenny. I’ll see you soon!”
& Mom promised him pork chops.

I didn’t realize it at the time but, the older I get I am convinced Kenny had to die so others could live.
The doctors learned something the day my friend left this life
& the advancements the medical profession have made since 1976 are astounding.
Many a ‘Kenny’ died to get us to where we are today.

The American Heart Association is holding their annual Heart Walk soon
& Husband, family, friends and I will be there
& yeah.
This is a big deal.
A BIG, BIG deal.
Husband is walking.
He’s committed himself to a mile and I am positive he will accomplish.
He’s come a long, long way
& that is why we are sharing our story.

I suppose Husband and I could have tossed this out into the open years ago.
We could have detailed every step of our way to all who would listen.
Instead, we chose to keep it closed because that’s who we are and how we roll.
But now …
We are sooooooo paying it forward.

This AHA Heart Walk is not only for Husband and how far he has come.
It’s for Kenny
and Mom
and Brother
and Cousin
and Friend
and for all those people out there who have died, who have lived.
For them, I will happily walk, donate and spread their words LOUD and clear.

I tip my hat, I offer a cheer, American Heart Association.
To who and what you are, to how and why you do.
Thank you.