Her Promise

Her Promise

The conversations around their dining room table were always interesting and often unpredictable. Sports, politics, gossip, gripes, you name it, Family and I most likely discussed it as that table and those chairs were our weekly meeting ground to eat, visit, reconnect and ponder some interesting points of view.

She was ten, maybe twelve, when she first expressed her wish. We were talking about death, dying, signs and what we think will happen next and Daughter wanted her concerns to be known, LOUD and clear.

“Whatever you do, JUST DON’T FREAK ME OUT !!”

Seems she was a bit worried about nighttime ghostly appearances and wanted each us to !! PROMISE !! we absolutely wouldn’t scare her in any way, shape or form once we hit that afterworld

& since she was sooooo very adamant, we did.

‘We WILL NOT FREAK YOU OUT !!’ everyone assured. Pinky-swear !!

Mom left this life fifteen days before my 48th birthday so, yeah, I wasn’t in the mood to celebrate that year. I woke up thinking, ‘eh’ and was on the phone being reminded of just how much Mom would want me to be happy when Daughter came running down the stairs. “Get off the phone ! Get off the phone !! I SAW GRANDMA !!’

She proceeded to describe the most wonderful dream where Grandma comforted and hugged her in a way she could actually FEEL and to this day, the words that spilled out of that excited girl’s mouth are the best birthday present EVER. Mom made my day, Daughter’s day and Family’s day. She told us she was fine !!


Now. Through the years since Mom’s been gone, we’ve all had our dreams and visits and moments. She reminds us, quite often, that where she is, she is perfect and her continual signs have helped us heal and deal with life without her. Some of us, though, are better carriers of her messages because we remember our dreams and conversations and can then relay them to others.

I used to be a remember-er but, somewhere down the line, poof !! gone. I’ll dream, wake up and and and … nothing. I know Mom was present but, I have no idea what she said

& the other night ?? yep, I did just that. There Mom was and there we talked but, when I woke ??

bah !!

But, Daughter ?? Oh, Daughter. Grandma visited her the other night too and wondered if she received the message ?

Message ?? What message ??

“I’m not always around but, I’m always aware”

& wham.


Hey, Mom ??

We know. We soooo know !! you are and will continue because you have been there for us every step of the way. To help, to confide, to boost and encourage and we can feel how incredibly proud you are of these people you call, Family. So keep those messages coming, please. We get them. We got them.

Oh & Mom ??

Special thanks for not freaking out the granddaughter who remembers best.


I Am My Feelings