Continued C’mons

Continued C’mons

A Challenge.
A New Year, New Me, we can sooooo do this together Challenge.


Starting on January 2, 2017 our lives CAN change !! we declared.

Five days per week.
30 pushups
100 sit-ups
To be completed in intervals or at once, it’s up to the participant
Crunches, leg lifts or squats can be substituted for sit-ups
& yes, you can mix it up however you choose.
“wall’ pushups are perfectly legit.


We all sat there and pondered.


“It will be a piece of CAKE !”, I exclaimed.
Easy as can beeeeesy.

Five days out of a seven day week ?
Surely, we can handle that !
& intervals ?
There’s 24 hours in a day, my peeps !!
C’MON !!

& so, it began.
If you want in, come on in we decided.
If not, that’s entirely up to you and your biz
& what started with the privy who happened to be in my house that night has expanded across the states to the whole family.

The Challenge is ON.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Uh huh.

The Challenge was ON

& I gotta tell you,
it was not the piece of cake that I so eagerly, one year ago cheered.
But, it wasn’t horrible, either
& as I sit here counting my ever so diligent, orange highlighter marks for the times I followed through

….. drum roll, please …..

I come up 56 days short of my goal.
& I’m thinking, REALLY ???!!?? but, but, HOW ??!!? WHEN ??? WHY ??

It’s called Life, Silly
Life + Excuses almost always = Baaaaaaa !!

But, hey.
There’s good news here.
You see, I’ve formed a habit.
I’ve planted a pestering seed.
I’ve created a simple routine that’s become a portion of my just about every morning.

So, YaY.


& while I’m at it …

! ! ! ! !

Here’s to 2018
and to it’s many, shiny, sparkly promises
and resolutions
and challenges
and I Can Do-s !!

To the falling downs
and picking ups
and starting overs
and over
and over.

Cheers to You,
To Us.
To Trying

& don’t you ever, EVER stop trying.



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