Because I Love You

Because I Love You

He says the most random, wonderful words
& out of nowhere, just like that !! my heart is melted and full and lifted and so happily complete.

We were talking about everything and nothing, with a million curious ‘why’s’ tossed in along the way.
A 3 1/2 year old’s inquiring mind needing to know, ask, wonder, wonder and wonder more.

“Why is it raining ?”
“Can we see the firetrucks today ?”
“Was it funny when my balloon popped ?”
“Why is your tree so big ?”
“Why did my balloon pop ?”
“Is it raining at my house ?”
“Why is your house so far away ?”

& as I patiently and consistently explained his ponders as best as I could, this grandson of mine switched things up
& handed me a gift that will be embedded in my soul forever.

“Because I love you.”

What ?
Where did that come from ?
& if this ain’t the verification to every single anything I’ll ever need to know, I sure don’t know what is !

Because I love you.

Have I mentioned that children are my very favorite humans on this planet ??
Have I advised you of the fact that they are a cornucopia of pure, genuine, heaven-sent information
& they hold that priceless, precious key to simple ??

They do.
Oh. Yes. They. Doooooooooo.

Every distraction.
Every sidetrack.
Every why me ??? or not again !! or not fair !! or what the heck ???
Every I don’t know how to do this
& please make it stop.
Every down on the knees broken beyond repair.

Every shhhh.
Just shhhh.

Because I love you.

& suddenly, the noise is quieted.
The answer is found.

Thank You, Grandson.
I needed that reminder from the Universe
& hey,
you know what ??

It’s because I love you too.


I Am My Feelings