He doesn’t know this but, every time I see him, I want to give him a hug
& I don’t even know the man.
Seems this kind soul has awaken a little something in me, a reminder I love.

“Good Morning Sweetie!” he quietly exclaims as we pass each other on our walking trail.
Most every single day.
With a look me straight in my eyeballs and the sweetest grin.
Good Morning Sweetie.

Mom was a sweetie user.
Honey too.
She would begin every and all ring ring ring ! phone calls that simple, pleasant way.
“Oh ! Hi Honey !”
 and as her happy conversation moved along, we
(aka whoever happened to be in the room at the time)
would try to figure out which “Honey” was on the other side.

Brother  ??
Son # 2 ??
Daughter # 1  ??

That’s who it is !
It’s Daughter # 1

I knew I was right.

A certain bubbly sister of mine has carried on Mom’s endearing tendencies.
She frequently uses the word ‘honey’ with pure, natural simplicity.
She has also been known to call perfect strangers ‘sugar’.
I admire that ability.

Growing up, a very jovial family friend would always address us girls as ‘Doll’.
“Hi Doll”
“How are you Doll ?” he would often ask as he puffed on that ever present cigar.
I think he dubbed us ‘Doll’ because he couldn’t keep track of who was who, it was his easy out but,
that’s ok.
It worked for us.

My list of honey, sweetie, babe, dear, doll and cutie users could go on and on and on.
Some people use these words with such incredible ease and confidence.
But, sigh and alas,
I am not one of these people.
I find it almost impossible to utter those tender sayings.
In fact, the closest I ever get to a heart tugging phrase is when I call Bro-in-Law ‘Darling’
But, he and I have always called each other ‘Darling’
So that one doesn’t count.

I don’t know why I cannot say such words.
I just can’t.
Lovely little lovlies just don’t flow from me.
No worries, though.
I just chalk it up to ‘it is what it is and I am what I am’.
But, since we’re being honest, I have to admit, yes.
I sometimes wish I was a user of sweeties
& yes
I am a bit envious of the uninhibited casualness of all the honey users out there.
They always sound so spontaneously comfortable.
So delightfully engaging.
So incredibly nice.
Yep, jealous.
Because it is an art I was born without, I was handed the weeeeeees, yippeeeeeeeees, woooo hooooos and yays instead.

So. YaY.

Hey there, Mr Good Morning Sweetie Guy ! thanks for the awesome memory rush.
You have tickled my heart, you have
& you don’t even know me.
But, one of these days, along with that hug, I just might be telling you why.


I Am My Feelings