My Turtle Story

My Turtle Story

We all know how much I adore signs.
Right ?
It’s true
& it seems I tend to write about them.
A Lot.

Everywhere a sign.

So prepare yourself because today, I am going to throw a rerun out into your world.
It is a story about a turtle
& it is my ALL TIME favorite, knock me upside the head, sign story.

It is a goodie !

But before I do, I just have to show you a picture of this guy.

Isn’t he the cutest ???!?
I saw him on my walk just the other day.
Out of nowhere.
There he was, minding his manners, doing his turtle biz
& I cannot TELL you how much joy this little fella brings to my heart.

You see, I’ve been wanting to notice a turtle on my walking trail since way back when I saw My Turtle Story turtle, but you just don’t see many turtles around these parts anymore.
& since that moment, I have been searching and hoping to one day see another turtle so I could rerun My Turtle Story, my favorite, favorite sign story EVER

& suddenly, quite unexpectedly, just like that, boom.

I guess the universe has decided it’s time.



One day, about a year or so ago, I was in a terrible funk.
Everything that could go wrong, did.
I was down on me and VERY down on my writing.

So …
I went for a walk.

My Wicker Walk is usually my everything answer.
I enter the park confused.
I exit happy and released.
But this day, I was hunkered down in doom and gloom
& I planned on staying there for the long haul.

I remember thinking ‘why am I doing this’s such a waste of time …my writing will never …blah blah blah…’
A dark cloud hovered over my head.
For sure.
But somewhere amidst all my grumpiness, I prayed and hoped for a sign.

& so began my Wicker Walk.

On the second lap of this not so jolly trek, I saw a turtle.
A turtle doing it’s turtle thing
& I walked by thinking …’huh…a turtle…I can’t remember the last time I saw a turtle…’

But … I kept walking.
Walking, walking.
Negative walking
& …..
….. then …..


SAY WHAT ?????
A TURTLE !!!!!??!!!!!!
I just saw a very slow, but very steady turtle.


Yahoooooooooo !!!
I got my sign.

I practically ran the remainder of the lap to get back to that turtle.
I wanted to take a picture of this wonderfully determined critter to remind me of the moment.
But when I made it back to his spot, he was gone.
No worries though.
That turtle has embedded his little self into my brain from now until forever.

Slow and steady, baby.
That steadfast creature brought my dreams back to life
& I’ve been happily writing ever since that awesome day.


Not so obvious.




I saw a turtle.