Go Go Go

Go Go Go

The only video game I’ve ever played in my whole, entire life is PacMan
or maybe it was Mario Brothers …?
I don’t remember.
It was one of those way back in the day, original guys.
Oh and Pong.
I’ve played Pong.

My point being, I don’t play video games or iphone games or whatever you call those millions upon millions of electronic games.
Not that there’s anything wrong with them.
It’s just not me or how I choose to spend my time
& I know this is going to sound all old and fuddy duddy but hey, I’m an old fuddy dud.
I  can sound any ol which way want.


I went to my favorite park to walk my favorite walking trail two evenings ago
& what I saw, I’ve never seen before.
A strange phenomenon, it ’twas.
My path was crowded with young adults.
I mean REALLY crowded with young adults.
Groups of two, three, four
& at first I thought, ‘How Wonderful ! The twenty-somethings are out enjoying this very lovely evening !”
until the light bulb went on in my head and I realized.
Those young people had only one thing on their mind, one thing in common.
There was a critter on the loose !!
A Pokemon Go critter
& those sweet looking men and women were bound and determined to find him.

Step Step
Look at phone.
Look up.
Aim phone
Talk amongst themselves.

Step Step
Look at phone
Look up
Aim phone
Talk amongst themselves.

It was amazing.
They came in droves.
I’ve never seen my trail so packed with twenties.

The good news is …
Exercise !
Yippee !
We were all getting our daily exercise !!
But, as I walked my always beautiful walk and the peeps continued to clamor and unite in their invisible critter hunt I couldn’t help but giggle.

Hellooooooooo !?!??
Look around you silly youngsters !!
Do you have any idea what you are missing as you remain steadfastly glued to your device ??

The clouds were AMAZING.
The trees were incredibly GREEN.
The squirrels were giddy in their frolic.
The birds were happily chirping their infinite TUNES.
The shadows were AWESOME.
The Sun’s departure !!
The Moon’s arrival !!
It was all soooooo FANTASTIC !!

& as I step, step, stepped along that delightful trail of mine enjoying each and every little thing I saw, I blissfully mused …

I will never, ever understand the pull of those video games.
No, I won’t.
But that’s quite ok.
You continue to search for your Pokemon critters, youngins.
You Go ! Go ! Go !
I’ll be right here when this latest fad passes.
Very, VERY much enjoying my fuddy duddy view.


I Am My Feelings